Friday, December 2, 2016

South Australian Cuboree

Today, I headed with Sarah and James to Woodhouse, to set up for the Century Cuboree. This weekend’s event is the replacement for the event that was due to be held over the October Long Weekend. However, due to the storm South Australia had (and total power failure and conditions created by the storm in the few days before the original date etc) the Cuboree was shifted to the 1st weekend in December instead.

Basically, today we were just setting up the activity site for the weekend. The theme for our site is Enviromental and it is looking to be a great weekend.


Monday, August 1, 2016

wilbur @ roihu (Finland Jamboree)

About 2 years ago, we bought a second sheep and called him Travelling Wilbur. We sent him off to Canada for the start of his travelling adventures to visit other scouting groups.

While in Alberta, he was taken by the scouts hosting him on their adventures to Finland, to attend the Jamboree there. One of the Scouts involved made the clip above of Travelling Wilbur showing his adventures to Finland.

 Thanks a lot, it is greatly appreciated at this end

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cub Camp at Lones Hut Sunday

Today was a late start to the day, due to everyone sleeping in. This often happens on Akela’s camps and Akela generally mentally plans for the pack sleeping in later than the 1st day.
The weather was really windy and it had rained a bit overnight, but everyone was dry due.

Once everyone’s bedding and personal gear was packed away and breakfast was eaten, it was time to get moving with some morning activities. The pack found a cache this morning, and Akela is glad as it counts towards the BC Challenge of finding 100 caches as a pack. Given there were 5 cubs, times 1 cache, that is 5 caches (as these are collective, not 100 per person). Akela just needs to make a note of it for her records. Thankfully she got a photo of it!

The pack also found the oak tree in their travels this morning and it there are not many in South Australia – there are 2 others known to be in the State. One each in Belair and the Botanical Gardens in the city.

It wasn’t long before it was time to deal with lunch, packing and cleaning of the Lones Hut. Parents started to arrive and cars packed. The extra hands helped keep the cubs focused as the cleaning and packing up got dealt with. All too soon, everyone was on their way home and we are hoping everyone had a great time and that they are looking forward to their next camp.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

July Cub Camp Saturday

Today was the regular early start to the day. Most of the Cubs were up by about 7am. Akela was already up and showered before this, and getting things organised (like breakfast).

Due to the weather forecast for the weekend, the decision was made to do Challenge Hill Saturday Morning instead of Sunday Morning, and push our hike starting time back to the afternoon.

We were at Challenge Hill by 10:30am and spent several hours doing the course. It was a great time, and there was much excitement when a Koala was sighted, which created a stir.

Eventually, the leaders called time on Challenge Hill, which included several trips by all cubs present on the slide down the hill. The Cubs LOVED that and it was certainly the most loved point of Challenge Hill (besides the Koala walking around).

After Lunch back at the Lones Hut, the tents were packed up. The weather forecast was not looking good regarding the wind and potential rain over night. With having the Lones Hut, it meant that the cubs could sleep inside, out of the weather.  Once we had sorted this, we packed our day bags and went for a walk along the Hysen Trail, towards Bridgewater. Due to the needed changes for the program, the walk was shortened, both in length and time. So we only got as far as where the Hysen Trail goes under the South Eastern Freeway. But it was nice weather and we got some awesome photos along the way. But there were still chances for some mapping reading and explaining to the cubs, and opportunities to explore the area.

Once back at camp, it was time to set the fire going, so the Cubs could cook their tea over the hot coals. The wind had certainly picked up by this time, and it the fire was a welcome sight once it was going for all to stand around and talk for a while tea cooked. Showers were a welcome sight and a chance to warm up before the cubs settled to bed.


Friday, July 8, 2016

Cub Pack Camp Friday Night

This evening, I, Taquim and the Cub Pack went to camp at the Lones Hut, at Woodhouse Scout Campsite. It was freezing cold at Woodhouse, being the middle of winter and a clear night. It was a quick set up of the tents and organising who was sleeping in which tent.

We went for a short walk before heading back to camp for a hot drink before settling for the night. Akela had also bright Charli and Bagherra (Stuffed one, but the leader Bagie was here as well) and a good thing as one of the cubs was on his 1st ever camp (had never been away from home before) and they helped with the cub’s homesickness.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cub Leadership Course 2016

Today was another early start. But the program was not as full as it was for Saturday. The program covered some scouting skills, such as tent pitching, compass work and first aid.

 We managed to get a look at what they were doing, after we had swept out the dorm area of Seeonee Hills – the Cubs had already moved their gear out, so it was a good chance to do it while they were out and doing the final activities.

 Once the sessions were over and done with, it was time for a quick check that everything was claimed and final flag parade, just as the parents were arriving. The certificates were given out and then everyone was free to go.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

This morning was a bit of an early and cool start to the day. The Cubs were up and ready early, which is quite normal for camp!

 Today on the program, they covered practical skills (Flag rolling and breaking, Running a game, care of Uniform – this was run by our very own Akela, and Grand Howl). They also looked at – What is a Sixer / Second, What makes a Good Sixer / Second, and the promise and law...

 In the afternoon, Working together looked at Circle Game (again, run by Akela and it certainly got the cubs thinking), Problem solving, and we wrapped the day up with a heap of skits and songs, which the cubs all enjoyed and worked really hard on.

 The weather was also reasonable and certainly didn’t rain when we needed to be outside.

It was certainly a full on day and the cubs were really glad to retire to bed, while the leaders had a much needed break.