Monday, June 27, 2011

Cub Camp 24th to 26th June 2011 - Theme - History Badge

On the weekend of 24th to 26th June 2011, Wilbur, Charlie and Baggie went on camp with Mawson Lakes Cub Pack. The camp was held at Seahaven Campsite, at Outer Harbor. It was really a lot of fun, especially as we got carried round for the one hour walk the Cubs did on Friday Night! It certainly helped the Cubs go to sleep on Friday Night! A couple were complaining about having to go out, but they stopped complaining when they realized Akela wasn’t listening to them!

On the Saturday, the Cubs, leaders and Wilbur went into Port Adelaide, and visited both the Maritime and Railway Museums. There was even a walk around Port Adelaide before we got to the 1st museum. The Cubs split into smaller groups and worked with an adult to get the worksheets done.
Once we finished there, it was time to head over to the Train Museum, just down the road. The visit here was a bit more relaxed and the cubs had a great time visiting and exploring the different trains that use to be in service. A definite highlight was a ride on the train that runs around the museum. It was a good ride and one that Wilbur got to enjoy as well.

From here, we headed back to Seahaven, getting on the train at Port Adelaide Station. It was certainly a good train trip and all the Cubs behaved again, just as they had done on the way in the morning.

When we arrived back, it was time for some free time before tea and a chance to watch the sun disappear over the horizon at Sun Set. The sun set was awesome and the Cubs really enjoyed the chance to watch it setting until it had disappeared.

That night saw several go to bed before 8pm and sleep. The others sat around and talked for a while, before all the cubs were in bed and asleep by 10pm.

Sunday Morning saw two fire alarms getting the Cubs moving and fast. It was the most effective way to make sure they were all out of bed. Still have not found out what set it off though.

Another walk, this time to a local playground and watching a local bike race happening, which had the cubs counting bikes as they headed back to Seahaven.

Once back at camp, it was time to do some last minutes activities to complete the History badge requirements. These were not overly hard and the cubs enjoyed the chance to have something to eat and drink while they were working.

Once these activities were completed, the Cubs then went and made a start on packing their gear. The first part was to pack and clear out of the sleeping areas. They certainly got that done quickly!

A quick break for lunch, and then back into the cleaning up. With team work, it was done quickly and well. The Cubs are certainly impressive when they put their minds to it!
All too soon, the cubs were packed, had cleaned the campsite and the parents were arriving to pick them up! It was certainly good to see that the cubs had a great time on camp and that they had earned a badge along the way.

Overall, it was a great camp, and we certainly had a great time. It was also good to meet the Joey section who attended camp with us, including Rufus Bear. He’s very cool to hang around with and likes having his photo taken as well.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Up Date

Just thought we would drop by and say hi to everyone. We are doing well and are heading to Cub Camp with the Cub Pack tommorow. We are really looking forward to the camp and will provide a report when we get home on Sunday Evening.

Till then, we hope everyone has a great weekend

2011 Mission Australia Winter Sleep Out

Mawson Lakes Cup Pack will be particpating in this event and below is the 1st entry on the site where they are trying to raise money

First Blog Post (on

Mawson Lakes Cub Pack is keen to do and try anything. As a result, we have a well rounded program that helps the Cubs develop into the best possible people they can be. Like any group of 8 to 10 year olds, they are noisy, boisterous, creative, curious and eager. But they are also understanding and caring about each other. As their Cub Leader, I wouldn’t have them any other way. It is this reason why we are going to participate in this year’s Winter Sleepout – to gain an understanding of what it is like to go cold and how lucky they are that they have a home to go to every night. There are children, who through no fault of their own, living with their parents in Homeless or Domestic Violence shelters, in caravan parks or in cars in our cities. By having a sleep over at our hall will help raise awareness of those who are less fortunate than themselves, that it may be that the child sitting next to them in class who are not sure where they are going to be sleeping that night. I hope, as their Cub Leader, that by running this event in a ‘fun’ way, they will also gain an understanding of what it is like to be without