Monday, August 29, 2011

Palaver - Sunday 28th August 2011

Sunday was another early start, but breakfast was very welcome and certainly much appreciated by everyone. People had been up late talking the night before, with a lot of ideas being exchanged.
There was only one session on Sunday morning, before the regular cub leaders forum taking place. Ideas were put forward and feedback as well on different things.

 Lunch was there before we knew it and was certainly very welcome. Certainly needed before the huge clean up that was undertaken – although the area had been kept generally tidied over the weekend.

I am glad Akela took me and that we had a good weekend away.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Palaver - Saturday Night 27th August 2011

Saturday dawned bright and early. The rooms were quite comfortable and both Akela and I were quite warm. Breakfast was plentiful and warming. Akela just had cereal. But I did check out the cooked breakfast enjoyed by those who had it.

Our first session of the day was about Ceremonies. It is very clear that these are an important part of Cubing, allowing the pack to come together and celebrate the achievements of others in the pack and being an important part of the opening and closing of pack meetings. We then headed to Morning tea and our second session, which looked at the differences between Australian and American Scouting, especially Cub Scouting. Our final session before lunch was on Cub Cooking, which occurred right before lunch.

Lunch was very filling and there was no way we were going hungry this weekend! Hamburgers and salad was great and very filling. Certainly much appreciated by Wilbur!

After lunch, the next session was out and about around Woodhouse. This was interesting and allowed us much needed fresh air and exercise. There’s no way anyone on Palaver is underfed! It was quite pleasant at Woodhouse. A little cool, but it wasn’t raining, there was plenty of sunshine, creating a nice day to be outside.

Afternoon tea allowed Akela’s six a chance to practice their segment for after tea entertainment. Thanks to one of their day participants, the group leant a simple folk dance and Akela is now wishing that she had gotten someone to record it as a video on her camera as a record. All the skits were entertaining and the evening was certainly a long night of a lot of laughter and enjoyment by all. It was late before Wilbur made it to bed, but it was certainly a enjoyable night

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Night at Palaver 26th August 2011

Today, Akela and Wilbur headed to Woodhouse for the weekend. The reason for the weekend at Woodhouse was that it was Palaver. This is a weekend where Cub Leaders come together, learn new skills, refresh old ones and get a chance to get to know other leaders in a relaxed setting.

Tonight, after registering, we made a box out of greeting cards and enjoyed a really nice supper. It was certainly good to be able to have a warm drink tonight after the drive up to woodhouse! While it wasn’t raining it was certainly cold.

There was much conversation till gone midnight before everyone went to bed. It certainly looks like a full weekend from this program that we were given.
Makins sure we are heading the right way to get to Woodhouse Campsite.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sturt vs Port, Adelaide Oval - Friday Night Football

This evening, Akela and Wilbur went to Adelaide Oval to watch Sturt play Port in the SANFL. Akela is a Sturt Supporter, and has been since a small child. Her late grandfather was also a Sturt supporter and no doubt where she gets it from (other members of her family follow Glenelg in the SANFL). It was a good evening, even if a little cool. Sturt lost, but a good time was still had by Akela and Wilbur.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trip into city

Today, Wilbur went into the city with Akela. The purpose was so Akela could donate some blood, a activity that she started doing many years ago, when in Rovers and has kept doing ever since.

While in town, Akela went about some other things she needed to do while there. While on their travels, they came across the following sights, which Wilbur thought he would share with people here.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Adelaide vs Geelong at AAMI Stadium

Well, Wilbur was out and about again. Today he headed out with Akela to watch the Crows play Geelong at AAMI Stadium. It was a very close game and certainly a good one. The Adelaide Football team lost – but by a respectable 11 points (compared to 165 point loss by Port to Hawthorn)

Tomorrow, Wilbur will be heading into town with Akela, while she goes to donate blood and do some other stuff. Wilbur is certainly getting out and about at the moment.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Carisbrooke Dlistrict Cub Leadership Course

Today, Wilbur went with Akela to the Carisbrooke District Cub Leadership Course today. There were 25 Cubs in attendance and they learnt heaps, as well as earning their leadership badges. Many were quite interested in learning the ins and outs, but also had a lot of energy to burn as well!

Overall it was a enjoyable day, and I am sure all the Cubs went away with a lot of new ideas on how to improve things.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wilbur at Sturt vs Central District Football Game

What a day Wilbur has had. Akela secured an invitation to have lunch with the Central Districts Football Club President today, via one of the elected members on Council. Centrals were playing Sturt Football Club (who Akela has followed since she was a small child).

Lunch was very nice, and certainly very filling – actually much better than the last one that Akela had there.

The game was good, and we were lucky it didn’t rain. Not that it would have really made much difference if it had, as Akela and Wilbur were sitting in the stands with the Mayor and a number of other elected members from Playford Council.

Overall, it was an enjoyable day out, even if Sturt didn’t win the game (but they did put up a good effort and were in the lead at one point as well)