Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday at Revolution

Today was a bit of a slower start. The cubs and joeys were up a bit later than yesterday (I wonder if it was because they were tired???). There were also only 3 activities bases to be done this morning, and while it was busy and the activities enjoyed by all, there was less background noise at the activity bases.

All too soon, we were heading to the Closing Ceremony and then back to the campsites for lunch. Once lunch was finished, everyone got into packing up gear and pulling down the tents. Once done, it was time to pack the cars and head home. We are sure there were many tired Joeys and Cubs in cars heading home and that a number would have fallen asleep on the way.

For the Cubs, the next South Australian Cuboree will be in 2017, and for the Joeys, their next state camp will be in 2016. I am sure the next generation of Cubs and Joeys will enjoy their major event as much as the current group who attended this weekend did.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday at Revolution

Today, many of the youth members were up bright and early. Nothing really unusual about this, as it was the 1st day of camp. Thankfully, our cubs were not up as early as some of other sub camps. In one case, they reported having cubs at 4am.

After breakfast, everyone headed over to the main arena for the opening before heading to the start of the activities. The opening was short, but entertaining as it should be. The activities proved to be great. It was full on as we had 3 hours worth of activities, with a break for morning tea as well – all before lunch! Then after lunch we headed off for another afternoon of activities. I am hoping they sleep well tonight, as we still have tea and evening entertainment to get through yet before we have a chance to get to bed!

The weather has been really good and we are certainly enjoying a lot of sunshine, and also remembering to be sun smart, with hats, sunburn cream and drinking lots of water!



Friday, March 28, 2014

Revolution set up

Today was the day. Akela did her usual five minute pack of her personal gean and we were off. To the Scout Hall to 1st pick up the tents (and other sundries), and then to Woodhouse, so we could set the tents up for the weekend. It really didn’t take long and it was not long before the excited youth members and their parents arrived on site. Going to bed early was not something we did that night – but the fog coming in was something special to see, as it rolled over the campsite. A pity Akela didnt get any photos of this!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

One Sleep to go

There is only one more sleep to go before we head to Revolution 2014! This is the combined Cub and Joey State Cub Camp and I am really looking forward to attending.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Meeting friends in Town

Today, I got to met a facebook friend Pooks Bear who lives in Sydney. But Pooks is here in Adelaide on Holiday. I thought it was great to be able to met up with a facebook friend and appreciate the opportunity top do so.

5th Mildura Scout Group

Well, Akela has done it again. While doing some surfing for Cubs, she came across another scout group blog – it belongs to 5th Mildura.

Akela use to go to Mildura regularly to see their Gang Show while growing up, as a family friend was the producer at the time. She certainly has a soft spot for the town as it makes up a part of her childhood holiday memories. She has promised that one day, she will take me to Mildura for visit.

The blog for 5th Mildura can be found at