Monday, May 26, 2014

Traveling Wilbur arrival

Well, today was the day that Travelling Wilbur arrived. We are pleased to meet him and look forward to showing him around before he heads off on his travels. We intend to take Traveling Wilbur on camp with us and to a few activities before he heads overseas. He will be heading to Canada for his 1st lot of adventures.

Travelling Wilbur is the big dude in the middle!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Comedy Capers Gang Show

This evening, several members of the Cub Pack, a parent, Akela and I went to see Comedy Capers Gang Show. This is a yearly show that is put on at the Playford Civic Centre. This year was it’s 49th show and all but one of the shows has been in the same theater. Next year will be the 50th year it will have been put on. It is going to be a ripper, we think and certainly one that is worth seeing!

Check out and bookmark it for next year’s show.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Expanding the Flock

It has been a while, but I thought I would pop in and say hi. I thought I would say that I am very much alive and doing well.  I have been to the football a few times since our last posting on Anzac Day with Akela.

Akela has also ordered and paid for another sheep. It is very exciting, and his name is going to be Traveling Wilbur and he will be heading to Canada to visit Scout Groups there. I know he is going to have a great time.

Akela was asked if she was going to send me, but we are both kind of attached to each other and if I travel, I would love to do it with Akela. Besides, someone has to stay with the Mawson Lakes Cubs, to ensure they are having a great time and don’t get into too much trouble.  Especially with Akela as their leader.

Once Traveling Wilbur has arrived here, Akela will take photos of the two of us together, as we have a visit before Traveling Wilbur goes on his trip. I am sure there will be many more updates to come.