Saturday, June 14, 2014

Flourish 2014

Today was a early start, as Akela took me with her to attend a Leaders Conference thing. It was held at Seton Christian Church and we had to be there heaps early (8:15am). Which meant  by the time we got home after the football, I went right to bed!

At the conference thing Akela dragged me along to; we had a number of speakers. The MC was a friend of Akela’s from Rovers.

We 1st heard from Andrew Lock, who was a Cub right through to Rover. He is currently the only Australian to have climbed all 8,000 pecks in the world and spoke about being risk adverse. We were particularly taken when he said, “Scouting gave me the basic skills needed for me to achieve my goals in life and that leaders taught me to plan and prepare for responsible risk taking”. Akela thinks there are those within scouting who are adverse to taking risk and don’t want to push either themselves and need to take a look at the way many within society are becoming risk adverse.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg spoke “of how such adversity can be overcome with a positive approach and how Scouting is in a unique position to be an organisation that can provide a very real solution to such issues. He believes that Scout Leaders, by utilising the ‘Aims and Principles’ Scouts can teach the youth within scouting resilience.

 We then had Mark McCrindle speak about the changing trends and the characteristics of each generation, from Generation Builders to Generation X, with Generation Alpha now being born.

 Neil Fuller OAM spoke about the personal challenges he faced, losing his lower leg at 18, after a sporting accident and how he overcame and adapted. Of particular note, He said “ You can’t control everything but,

·      You can control how you perform,

·      You can do your best,

·      You can believe to achieve and

·      You can do the best you can today”.

The final speaker for the day was Amanda Gore, who spoke to us about how to create positive and vibrant emotional environments for Scouting to occur. Her presentation was both entertaining as it was humorous.  
There are several links here, which provide some more information about the topics covered by the guest speakers. We hope by sharing them that people will be able to understand more about the speakers we heard today.
First World Problems

Action for Happiness Posters

Andrew Lock

Akela and I snuck out a few minutes before 5pm finish, as Akela really wanted to get to the football.  The location was very close to the grange train line, and we were able to make the 5:05pm train into town. As a result, we were able to get a very good seat at the Oval (near the front, as Akela likes sitting close to the action.

The football game was good – in part because the Crows WON, which always makes us happy in Akela’s household (and Akela’s husband has accepted that we are a family of Crow Supporters!).  But this has sure made for a LONG day…..

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday on Camp - Pack Up!

Today was the last day of camp. A number of the cubs slept in until gone 8am! Akela certainly wasn’t going to wake them up! She let them sleep. Gee, we sure have a good leader, who recognizes that Cubs certainly do need their sleep!

It was a fairly relaxed day, with some kite flying going on and a lot of pushing by Akela to get the Cubs to pack their gear! As well as some cleaning (apparently, when Akela asks Cubs to wipe down the tables, the cubs seem to think she really means get the broom and sweep it instead!) Geeze, some of them take a long time to get that done.

Everyone was happy to see their parents and to head home. We’re not sure how may fell asleep in the car, but we’re sure there are a few who had a really early night!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cub Camp - Sunday

Today, the cubs slept a little later than they did yesterday (anyone surprised about this??? We did as well as Akela left us in bed an let us catch up on our sleep as well)

Today, we made kites. The Cubs certainly looked like they enjoyed them and were certainly glad to have a chance to try and fly them. Would have helped if there had been more wind. It was enough to get the kites moving with some work from the cubs though. It also helped that we had another trip to the playground to try and fly them.

Once we returned to the campsite, Cubs had some time to relax. Several Cubs did more photography and 3 cubs had a go at making a video about fishing and created their own how to fish clips. These were quite entertaining.

Others took the chance to set up their fishing rods again and have another go at trying to catch some fish. It was while they were sitting around, that there some pelicans came to visit and some of the cubs were really excited to be able to get so close as the photos Akela took indicate.

Once tea was had, many cubs had a early night, as a lot were quite tired. Akela was glad to see them go to bed so early as well! It meant she was able to get into bed before midnight for the 1st time on camp!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

June Long weekend Camp - Saturday Report

Today was an early start. Many of the Cubs were up and ready to go around 7am (Akela is thinking of instigating the no one up before 7:00am rule! Aiming it at the Cubs of course).

Once we had breakfast, we headed out to a local playground to check it out, before we started fishing at 10am. The cubs got bites and caught a couple of fish as well. Lunch was had will we were fishing. It was certainly great weather, and especially as the weather people said it was going to rain! Some clouds, but certainly was a nice (but cool) day.

 After we were done fishing, we had had some challenges to complete. Some of the cubs attempted these very well and did outstanding job on some of the challenges that were set (jump a rope 60 times, stand on one leg for a minute, close your eyes and open when you think a minute is done)

 It was a early tea and then a shorter walk than the previous night as many were tired, and teary as a result. All Cubs were in bed not long after 9pm, giving Akela, Raksha and us stuffies) a chance to relax.


Friday, June 6, 2014

Today was the 1st day of Camp. It is a long weekend here in South Australia and we’re sure it is going to be a interesting weekend for a camp.

The activities on the agenda for tonight included a walk (one of Akela’s nice hour long ones) and the cubs ha a few grumbles, but mostly got through the walk ok. Upon our arrival back at campsite, it was hot milo before going to bed. Easier for some than others, who decided that telling scary stories was the go, to the point that they didnt get to sleep until almost midnight