Sunday, August 31, 2014

Archery at Blanchtown - Sunday

Today, we were up early. Camp early, which means we were in fact up early enough to see the sunrise. Akela certainly got some good shots of the sunrise! She is a bit of nut when it comes to taking photos. In some ways, this is not a bad thing for our blog really!

 After breakfast, we packed up camp and were heading home around 9am. This boded well for Akela getting to the Football this afternoon! She had thought she wasn’t going to make it. Now, the question really is, will she be able to stay awake through the game.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Archery at Blanchtown - Saturday

Today, the alarm went off really early for a weekend. We could have done with several more hours sleep in. Anyhow, Akela dragged herself out of bed, and got ready (lucky for us stuffed mascots, we don’t really need showers BEFORE events, generally only after, if we’re really really dirty!).

We arrived at Derek’s for the promised lift, and it was good to have a chat on the way up to Armstrong  Campsite. The drive was no more than 90 minutes, before a coffee stop at the Service Station at the Blanchtown Turnoff.

We were set up in record time, and then we spent the day doing Archery with a Cub Pack from Adelaide’s Eastern Suburbs. They really enjoyed the activity and they were a great bunch of Cubs. We were even invited to their campfire after tea! It was certainly one of the best campfires we have been to for a while!

It was then time for us to go to bed, and it was a relief to actually get some sleep as it had been a long (but definitely enjoyable) day.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ridley District Cub Leadership Course - Sunday

Today was another early start, but not as early as yesterday. It was the last of the sessions before packing up and heading home just before lunch time.

The weekend was full on with so many cubs there, but I think a lot of the cubs will be able to put to use their skills learnt this weekend into use within their packs.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ridley District Cub Leadership Course - Saturday

It was an early rise this morning and a VERY rude shock to discover there was no hot water in the showers (so Akela discovered after she stuck her head under the water!!!!).

After breakfast, it was straight into sessions, with cubs learning about what is a Sixer and Second, what makes a good Sixer and Second, before heading into Round Robin sessions on Rolling and Breaking the Flag, Running a game, Care of Uniform, Grand Howl, Tent pitching. Lunch was a welcome break before a session on Law and Promise, and another round robin session with the following bases– Circle Game, Team Activity, and team Challenge. Akela then ran a session on behavior standards, before the Cubs got to have some free time before tea (more eating!!!!)

After tea, was the much awaited campfire and singing. There were also skits, which were fantastic. Akela said there were certainly some good actors in the Cub section this year. Maybe a few of them need to look at acting as a job choice following school. It was then time for supper and settle to bed for the night.

Akela was grateful for getting into bed again tonight

Friday, August 8, 2014

Ridley Disitrict Cub Leadership Course - Friday

Tonight, Akela and I headed to Balhannah Scout Hall, as we are there for the weekend. It is the Ridley District Cub Leadership Course weekend and there will be 66 cubs camping there for the weekend. Mawson Lakes is also being well represented this year.

The activities tonight revolved around getting to know each other, and sorting Cubs into groups they will be working with this weekend. Not over loading, but certainly providing enough activity to get them focused on what they are here to do – learn to be leaders within their packs.

We are sure we’ll get some sleep eventually and that the Cubs WILL go to sleep. Akela has bagged the couch in the Venturer Den (no Cubs up here), so it is a little warmer and quieter up here, vs the ones sleeping in the hall or out in the tents.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Palaver 2014 - Sunday

Today, there was a bit of a slow start, but we got going eventually. Our first session today was environmental activities with James. It was definitely interesting to see what was on offer at Woodhouse in the environmental centre.

 From there, we went to a session on BP, his history and involvement on Scouting.

Sessions on Cooking and Screen Printing followed, and were our final two sessions before lunch. This was another huge meal, and certainly saw Akela feeling rather full after the weekend. We are sure she ate more in this weekend alone than she does in a week at home! She is certainly going to have to hit the gym and hard to work off some of this food and no doubt weight gain!!!!! Lunch was followed by a clean up and the debrief / Cub Council and a lot of ideas were floated about how to promote and convey to others the fun and skills gained by attending a palaver.

 Overall, it was a enjoyable weekend and one that Akela will be back to do again next year.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Palaver 2014 - Saturday

Today, we were up early ready for the many activities on offer. The 1st activity we went to was Archery. It is always good to try new things and for many leaders, it certainly was a chance to try something new that they can now include in their cub programs.

From here, we went to making mini gardens. While it could be considered a crafty activity, it wasn’t so crafty to put Akela off doing it (For those who know Akela, this necessarily isn’t a bad thing!)

As with any scouting activity, there is plenty of food, so after refuelling at morning tea, it was off to knotting and learning a few more ways to get cubs to learn to do their knots.

It was then time to learn new games and a chance to exchange ideas on where to locate them, how to change them to suit themes and generally a chance to act like the big kids most leaders are.

Lunch, which was filling (Akela is starting to think she is going to need to do extra sessions at the gym at this rate!!!!). It was a good thing then that the 1st session after lunch was geo-caching. EXERCISE! Walking around Woodhouse, after a huge lunch can never be a bad thing really for Akela….

Campfire preparation (or what makes them memorable) and fake wounds rounded out the afternoon.

Tea was dress up in a Halloween theme – only Akela didn’t! She claims she is scary enough as she is (but we know that’s NOT true! – she is a big softy really!!). A guest speaker on working with disabilities and a evening campfire, intermingled with  catch up chats and idea exchanging meant that it was relaxed night for all involved.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Palaver 2014 - Friday Night

This evening, Akela and I arrived at Woodhouse to attend Palaver. Rather low key this year, with numbers down. But no doubt we are in for a good weekend. Looking at the program, there is very little crafty stuff, which will make Akela happy. She is not big on craft and prefers to be doing more active stuff with the Cub Pack!

We got to make a Jack o’Lantern, and a really nice supper with plenty of talking and catching up going on over a hot drink.

It was a early night though, as Akela still has her ear infection and taking medication. She didn’t wasn’t to over do it before the weekend started.