Sunday, September 28, 2014

Water Activities Camp - Sunday

Today, Akela managed to get up for the sunrise and got the usual photos (she was a little late getting up yesterday!). Although, most of the youth members had a bit of a sleep in and the start to the day was a little slower than the previous day.

 The wind today was strong! White tips on the waves and way too strong to be sailing unfortunately. However, this didn’t stop other activities being arranged.

 We ended up at a local playground, looking for a cache and enjoying the many varied parts of the playground, there were certainly something for everyone, from equipment to explore to a soccer area to play soccer on for the older ones.

All too soon we were heading back to the campsite for a late lunch and then a cleanup. The Cubs did Akela proud and she is impressed with the way they worked.

Before we could realise, parents arrived and it was time for cubs to go home. I think it is a good thing there is no school for two weeks, as a lot of Cubs are going to need a big sleep tonight to make up for the sleep they didn’t get this weekend.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Water Activities Camp - Saturday

Today, we were up early. The weather forecast indicated that the wind was going to be a huge factor in how much sailing we got done today. If it gets to strong, then we will need to come in. Therefore, the earlier we were ready to get going, the better as it meant more sailing was going to be done.

After going through setting up, getting the boats ready and everyone ready, sailing commenced and we spent a pleasant few hours out on the water. We eventually came in when the wind got to strong and exceeded the strength that we were allowed to be out on the water.

After lunch, everyone headed to the beach, where there was a chance to relax. Some played soccer in the water, others chose to fish and others went for the ever popular activity of building sandcastles.

It wasn’t long before the sun started to dip and we needed to head back to campsite. We got back and the youth had a chance to shower before tea. Tea was one of the best meals ever and we certainly enjoyed it a great deal. Including the fact the cubs were getting seconds of their veg!

After tea, it was time to relax and watch two movies before retiring to bed. It was a exhaustive day, but one that was enjoyed by all. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Water Activities Camp - Friday Night

This evening, Akela packed us and her gear, to head to Seahaven for a joint camp between the Cubs and Scouts. We arrived at Seahaven and after unpacking and the usual introductions and rule explanations, Akela organised the night walk. I think there were some very surprised Scouts as they clearly are not use to Akela’s idea of a walk. The Cubs were brilliant and Akela was impressed at how well they tacked the walk this time compared to June camp (it was the exact same route).

We had supper when we got back to the campsite and then it was time for bed. The Scouts were in bed and asleep before the Cubs had even settled down.

 Everyone is certainly looking forward to the weekend’s activities.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ridley District Cub Hike 2014

Today, Akela and I headed to Chalks Campsite with Raksha. Mawson Lakes Cubs were one of 5 groups who attended the Ridley District Cub Hike. All up, there were around 35 Cubs doing the hike today and we had perfect weather.

 We set off in our packs and followed the map and directions to the different checkpoints. At each check point there were different activities to do and the cubs enjoyed doing them. The hills were a challenge to start with, but Akela told the Cubs they were really illusions and the cubs just thought they were walking up hills, when in fact they were walking on flat ground.

 The sausages at the start were great and perfectly cooked. The weather and the company couldn’t be more ideal and it was certainly a great day to be out in the sunshine. It is a event that was certainly enjoyed by all and we hope that One Tree Scout Group organise the event again next year.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Royal Adelaide Show 2014

Today, we went to the Royal Adelaide Show. This is an annual event, held every September. It starts on the 1st Friday in September and runs for just over a week. 

We started the day by doing a shift on the Scout Display. The Scout Association puts on a display each year and there are free activities for children to try. They also have their mobile rock climbing wall – but there is a charge for that ($6 for 3 rides)

Once we had finished our shift, we met up with Akela’s nephew, while her niece went home for a sleep before re joining ups later in the afternoon. We had some really delicious Golden North Ice Cream (Honey flavoured for Akela) while watching the Pig Racing. From there, we went to watch some wood chopping, some stunt cars and stunt bikes (nephew is a bit of a petrol head at 4 years old – he loves ‘cool’ cars). Then it was time to have a go on the Jumpy Castle (which the 4 year old was hanging out to have a go one). This time, we got there and there was no line up (there had been when we had passed twice before on the way to different things).  While here, Akelas sister let us know she was heading back in with the 2 year old.

 We spent some time with the side show games, and then had another milkshake. We also saw some animals, including some lizards and snakes before getting some show bags and tea. We looked around at some of the displays before heading home, after a 12 hour day at the show. It was certainly a long day, but one we look forward to every year.