Saturday, October 18, 2014

Beach visit - non scouting trip

Late afternoon and I went to the beach with Akela. We had tea at the beach and really enjoyed the time in the water and playing Frisbee with the dog. It was a very pleasant night and Akela has promised more trips to the beach this coming summer.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Morning at Semaphore South

Today, we headed back to Port Adelaide, this time with Akela’s dog. Akela, myself and the dog spent a few pleasant hours at the beach, while Akela’s husband went to visit the Aviation museum (which was also having free entry today).

We went for a walk, and checked out the path extension that wasn’t there last time we went for a walk along the beach, and then we played ball with the dog on the beach. The dog LOVES water and had been itching to get to the beach to play while we were walking. We then had a chance for another quick walk before we got picked up.

We were due to have lunch at the beach, but due to the weather change that was coming in, we headed to a friend’s place with our picnic lunch to share.

Overall, it wasn’t that bad today, despite the wind.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Port Adelaide Museum Visit

Today, Akela went to the Port Adelaide to visit some of the museums. They are open today and tomorrow for free. We started at the Train museum and walked around a bit. But Akela really wanted to go to the Maritime Museum, we headed over to Maritime Museum, via the water. Akela found a boat called Maid of Wood. After looking around, we headed to the beach for a picnic lunch. It was a great way to spend a great spring morning.