Friday, February 27, 2015

Joint Fishing Night with Glanville Hall Scout Group

This evening, the Cub Pack had a joint night with Glanville Hall Scout Group, fishing at West Lakes. It was a pleasant evening and one that those who attended enjoyed a great deal. All who attended and fished caught something – although we did work on the catch and release approach. There were even Crabs caught. One cub even earned her L1 Fishing One Badge!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Founders Day and Ella's Birthday

Today is a special day on several fronts in our household. Today is the day that Baden Powell was born. He is the person who’s ideas saw the start and development of Scouting (and Guiding). While the delivery of the program may look different to what Baden Powell originally started, it is a day that we remember

The other reason it is special is that Ella (Akela’s pet dog), has her birthday also. Akela is a bit of a nut and takes Ella to the beach for her birthday. Ella might not actually know it’s her birthday, but she sure LOVES the beach and if the windows of the car are not up, then we are pretty sure Ella would be out the window and down at the water edge before anyone else has un done their seat belts!

As a result, we headed for Sempahore and had a few hours at the beach. We were able to enjoy the water, as well as having a nice picnic lunch, prepared for by Akela, overall, we had a great day.  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

World Cup Cricket - India vs Pakistan

Today, Akela took me to a World Cup Cricket game at Adelaide Oval. India vs Pakistan and it was a sell out. Cricket is HUGE in both India and Pakistan, with a HUGE number attending the game here in Adelaide. It is estimated that close to a BILLION people world wide will have watched this game on TV. That is HUGE.

We got there early and the atmosphere was HUGE. There were heaps of people there and Akela obviously took photos. It was the most electric atmosphere that had to be experienced and we were glad to be there to experience it. While the Australians were in the minority, the agreement was that it was a game to be there to experience for the atmosphere. It certainly is nothing compared to when Australian Supporters are in force and the supporters from India and Pakistan are so friendly and happy and the banter was soooo friendly and respectful.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Photo Mania Challenge

Today, Akela took me to Port Adelaide (AGAIN!). This time for the Photo Mainia challenge. It was certainly a warm day (40C) and Akela had a lot of fluid packed in her pack to drink! She had initially wanted to take a packed lunch, but due to the heat, decided we were buying it fresh at lunch time.

We arrived in plenty of time for the start, and were given the 12 topics on which to take photos. They were certainly a different list – stacked, crossed wires, together, inside out, and several others. Initially, we were only to get 4 topics, and then two hours to get photos and then get the next set of 4 topics. However, due to the heat, we were given them all at once, so that we could get as many of them done before the heat of the day really heated up. But we were able to use the base to return to for breaks, toilets, getting drinks (there was a fridge they allowed us to use and store our drinks in)

Despite the heat (Akela seemed to cope quite well though!), it was a good day out, exploring the Port and trying to get the best photos we could get for the topics we had been given.