Sunday, September 20, 2015

September Cub Camp Sunday

Today, the cubs were a bit slower to get out of bed, but the day was looking gorgeous and the Cubs were really looking forward to going on Challenge Hill.

After breakfast, the Cubs packed some of their personal gear into their bags, before they got to have a bit of time to explore. Then, it was time to start the activity of doing some photography around the campsite. Mainly centred on the Creek that runs through the property. But also included walking around the Old House, and having a explore of the gardens and chapel area (where Akela ran a impromptu Scouts Own)

From here, the Pack headed to Challenge Hill and the Cubs were definitely challenged, but excited by the challenges they tackled and achieved while doing it – especially the slide at the end

Once we finished here, we headed back to camp for lunch. The cubs finished packing their personal gear and shifted it out of the tents, before having lunch. It allowed the tents a chance to air before they were taken down after lunch and packed up. All to soon, the parents arrived and the cubs were loaded into cars for the trip home. I know that we are looking forward to hearing how many fell asleep on the way home, and that most, if not all, are looking forward to sleeping in their own beds tonight – Akela and I definitely are!


Saturday, September 19, 2015

September Camp - Saturday

Today, as usual, saw the Cubs getting up early. Akela has decided that she is going to work on this for the next camp! It was frosty, but there was no sign of clouds, or rain, which is a bonus. Being cold is one thing, but being cold and wet is another, and one Akela is glad she didn’t have to deal with.

Once breakfast was done and dusted (and the cubs had worked out it was warmer in day clothes than PJs), it was time to make lunches and pack day packs. The plan was to have lunch at the look out at Mt Lofty, and this certainly went according to plan. The Cubs found the work both enjoyable and challenging. The view at the top of Mt Loft was definitely worth it.

After lunch and the group photo that Akela insisted upon, we headed back to camp, still via the Heysen Trail, but via the loop that takes in the Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens. It was certainly a nice afternoon walk. Certainly a nice day to walk through the gardens. The Cubs were doing really well to walked so far, and did so well.

 Once back at camp, it was time to just relax and collect some firewood for the campfire. A couple took the chance to go have a hot shower before tea preparations started in earnest. It was a relaxing evening cooking the meal and some free time prior to tea for the cubs. The cubs enjoyed the campfire and even Akela’s 1st attempt at a new Apple Crumble recipe worked well! So much so, that one of the cubs said it was better than the one her mum cooked at home.

It wasn’t long after the meal was finished that the cubs were in bed and asleep for the night. They were tired after the walk and were quite willing to go to bed – in fact, one cub even asked to go to bed! We will admit, it wasn’t that long before Akela and I headed to bed as well and the sleeping bag was a welcome sight


Friday, September 18, 2015

1st night at Camp

Today was the day Mawson Lakes Cubs headed to Camp. It was a evening of setting up tents, walking around Woodhouse as a night time explore – with cubs complaining about the cold (it got down to 3.5C when Akela and I headed to bed at 11:30pm) and a cub or two getting concerned about the dark. But the energy levels were high though and there was the usual smattering of talking as the cubs went to bed….

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Urban Art Australia - Scout Hall Project

We were on facebook this morning and came across this very interesting Urban Art Australia Project, where they painted a Scout Hall interstate (in New South Wales – we live in South Australia).

Anyhow, we decided it looked so interesting that we would share it here via my blog. It is certainly a interesting joint community venture between two community organizations.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What is AFL? Aussie Rules Explained

One thing that Wilbur has done, with Akela, has attended AFL games.

We appreciate that many overseas people reading my blog may not understand this game. So, when we saw this on line this evening, we simply had to share it, so that people could learn more
about Australian Football.

We hope that you find it useful and educational.