Friday, July 30, 2010

Introducing Wilbur, Charli and Baggi

Welcome to our page. We are Wilbur (the sheep), Charli (the monkey) and Baggie (the panther). A strange collection, we do admit. However, we are all friends of the Mawson Lakes Cub Pack and this page has been set up to follow our adventures with the Cubs and life in general. We live with Akela when we are not traversing the country side with the cub pack. But we will first provide a bit of a backgroud to how we all came about.

The oldest in the group is Baggi. He joined Akela when she was a leader in a previous cub pack. He was their mascot and quite loved by the cubs there. When Akela moved on, so did Baggi. He wasn't keen on being left behind and so joined Akela at her new pack.

Charli was 'resuced' from another pack which closed. The cubs and one of the leaders in the closing pack joined Akela's pack and brought Charli with them. He was named after a resuced monkey that Akela's husband saw on a TV show about monkeys.

Last but not least, is Wilbur the sheep. Mawson Lakes Scout Group's mascot is Wilbur, the black sheep. However, Akela has looked far and wide for a completely black sheep and Wilbur as can be seen is black and white. But that's ok as he is loved by Carli and Baggi just the same. He is getting know by the Cubs at Mawson Lakes and is extreamely keen to join in all the adventures that Charli and Baggi enjoy.

We hope that you enjoy following our adventures and come back to see what we have been up to often