Friday, July 29, 2011

Term 3 has started

Well, we certainly have hit the ground running for scouting this term. But in reality, Akela really hasnt had a break from scouting during the holidays! She had three meetings while the Cubs were enjoying the holiday break and will also be looking after the Joey Mob until they find a replacement leader.

the Cubs are running a sleep Over to raise awareness of homeless issues and getting some badgework done at the same time ( is the link to the page for donations) and also have a District Cub Leadership Course coming up as well and a variety of other activities.

Hope everyone comes back and checks what else we are doing again soon

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Planting and football

We have Rufus the Joey Bear, staying with us. So, Wilbur decided that today was a good day to do some stuff around the house with him. First, they made sure the birds had some bird seed to feed upon. Next, it was time to do some gardening and making sure the Basil was in a bigger pot so that it can grow. It is a very good herb to have in soups so Akela’s husband says! After an afternoon nap, it was time to head out to AMMI Stadium to watch the Crows vs. Sydney Swans game this evening. It was certainly a wet evening and a very close game as well. Rufus and Wilbur hang out in Akela’s bag as that was the driest place to be. It certainly was an interesting day and both Wilbur and Rufus are glad to be home, where it is dry and warm to sleep.