Tuesday, October 22, 2013

PATHWAY TO RESPONSIBILITY - A reflection provided by Alan Welburn, Editor at News Queensland

Akela and I found this on the Queensland Scouts Facebook page and thought we would copy and past to my blog as we think it is definitely something worth sharing with people. 
PATHWAY TO RESPONSIBILITY - A reflection provided by Alan Welburn, Editor at News Queensland

There is something quite special about the way Scouts interact with one another.

The older Scouts welcome the new as if they have been part of the fabric forever.

The new learn from the enthusiastic teaching and encouragement of their peers and feel comfortable despite their obvious inexperience.

The Leaders tend to their flock as if the Scouts were their own, though in some cases this is true. Yet they allow the younger ones to find their feet, to make an error and unlock the solution.

In many ways it is about empowerment, offering a pathway to responsibility without browbeating and personal development.

It is all good to see.

It is part of what makes Scouting, well Scouting.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Scouts Australia - National Youth Council Survey

Today, through some of our scouting networks on facebook, the following information came through from Scouts Australia – National Youth Council. So, we thought that we would do a cut and paste and share the information here. It is a topic that we encourage as many reading this blog to read and help with the survey.
The National Youth Council is currently running a survey and we would love as many responses as possible.

What do young people value? What are they going to want in the future? We’re teaming up with the Youth Program Review to work out what Scouting is now and what it needs to be in the future, and we need your help!

Fill in our survey, pass it on to your friends, and for the first time ever do us an even bigger favour – ask your friends who aren’t in Scouting (whether they’ve left or never joined) to complete it too. This might take some persuading, but we know you’re up to it (and/or have a stash of fundraiser chocolates at the ready). This is your opportunity to shape what Scouting looks like in the future, and we want to make sure we hear from as many people as possible.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Let's bring Winston HOME

We have been following this story on Facebook over the last few days. Last week, a stuffed dog by the name of Winston went missing in New Orleans. His owners are distraught and are desperately looking for him.

If you read the article at the link, the stuff dog has sentimental (and special) meaning to his owners. Especially as one of them is undergoing treatment for a medical condition in London.

So, I am asking everyone who comes by and reads my blog, to share the link with their networks. It would be great if we could get Winston back with his family, where he so rightly belongs.