Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day two Shakedown -

Well, today was certainly a better day. While cool when we got up and cloudy, there certainly wasn’t a repeat of the Friday night welcoming weather!

Today, the scouts got the camp site sorted (after last night’s hurry, the was a bit of fine tuning to do understandably). It also provided a chance for the leaders to sort the patrols, for the patrols to do some bonding getting to know each other activities and generally start to get to know each other.

Some of the highlights of today’s activities were the Akela activity, where the patrols were given questions about points around woodhouse and they had to find the answers, and of course the famous hair straightener incident in the toilets (I am still not sure why a hair straightener were on camp,– all to do with the disco in the evening apparently! I wonder if it will find a way to Jamboree? Think the leaders are hoping it wont…..)

Oh, and the female who didn’t like the kookaburra  pulling a worm out of the ground and eating it in front of her. She got no sympathy from Akela, who took photos of the bird when she went to find out why there was such a noise being made….Akela thought it might have been over a spider or similar. But sadly not. That poor kookaburra having to put up with the noise.

Also, even though Adelaide Football Club didnt get into the Grand Final (Australian Football League), there was still a great deal of interest in the game and several radios were to be heard around the campsite.....

And we had a goodnight sleep tonight – certainly going to bed drier than Friday night!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wet set up to Shakedown Camp

This evening, Akela and I arrived at Woodhouse Scout Campsite for shakedown camp. It was certainly a wet start to the weekend. There were strong winds when we arrived, and heaps and heaps of rain as well as several bursts of hail as well.

The tents were certainly put up quickly and gear put in out of the rain. A fire was built and appreciated by all standing around it.

It wasn’t long before the sleeping tents were put up and people started going to bed to get out of the weather.