Sunday, May 6, 2012

South Australian Branch Cub Hike

Today, I went out with the Mawson lakes Cub Pack on a hike around Adelaide. It was a coolish day, but this was a bonus as it meant we didn’t get hot and we finished just in time before it started to rain! That was a total bonus.

We traveled into the city by train, and traveled on the tram and came home by the bus. So we certainly got to experience all types of transport while we were out and about!

It was a long hike and a lot of questions, which were spread out all over the city. It was certainly a fun day! We did really well with the questions and Akela was impressed – she didn’t think we would get as many of them as we did! So that was a bonus.

While out, we met the following Cub Packs while doing the walk as well:
·         Hillcrest Cub Pack
·         Aldinga Bay Cub Pack
·         Eden Hills Cub Pack (x 2 – they had split into three groups and we met two groups)
·         A pack from Sturt District (who we didn’t get the name of the pack from)

Akela even shouted the cubs an ice cream each and it was certainly appreciated by the Cubs.

Some of the questions that were asked were quite interesting and certainly got the cubs looking for information. I didn’t answer many really. It could be said I was simply along for the ride. But one thing Akela should get me is my own little pouch type bag so I can travel a bit easier than what I did for the hike. I think it would make it easier all round

Below are some of the photos that were take on the day out. I hope everyone enjoys them.