Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hoporee 14th October 2012

Today was another early start. Well, it was for Akela and her usual inability to sleep late on camp. The upside was she didn’t have to wait in a line for the showers!

There were more activities to be done and the Joeys continued to have fun. Although there were a number who were starting to look very tired around Lunch time. But I am aware a few were asleep on the trip home. Several didn’t even make it out of the gate of Woodhouse!

 Overall, it was a brilliant weekend. The Joeys and their parents had a great weekend, with a lot of smiles. It was certainly definitely worthwhile and I am sure that the next one in two years time will be just as enjoyable.


Hoporee - Saturday 13th October 2012

Today was an early start. Akela and I were both up early so that we were ready for when the Joeys and their parents arrived on site. The shirts were organised and badges allocated. It was pretty much a mad rush when they arrived, giving out the allocated shirts and explain the program and how it would work.
From here, we headed off to our morning activities and the first base was a hit. It was probably good we were first, as we got the clean water. We completed several bases before lunch, before heading back to more activities in the afternoon. 
The Joeys were constantly on the go and the activities were certainly a hit, as was the evening entertainment. It was certainly a early night for many though and many didn’t stay up for supper.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hoporee Set Up

Day of arrival and the site before the Joeys and their parents arrive. Akela and I arrived the night before to help set up a few things. It was certainly a clear and cold night at Woodhouse! there will be a lot of frost on the ground in the morning.

It hardly seems like it was two weeks ago and I was with Akela here for the Scout Section's Jamboree Shakedown camp. But we were and it is good to be back - as you can see, we are camping in a different part of Woodhouse.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shakedown Camp - Day three

Today was pack up day.  The weather was ideal for packing up tents as they had a very good chance to dry and this means no hanging in the scout hall afterwards…….

I think I am going to enjoy going to the Jamboree with Akela. This is my 1st and it is certainly something I am looking forward to. Akela has been to several and has done activities, so this is her 1st time with a troop. So she’s facing a different type of Jamboree this time round as well. But I know we are going to have a heap of fun though.

Overall, I enjoyed the weekend and I am sure I will have plenty to report about the Jamboree as well.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Shakedown Sunday

Today’s weather was even better. Today, the scouts worked on the goods to sell for Market Day, after they had spent some market day money (similar to monopoly money) in the morning.  The troops were split (numbers wise – not the troops themselves) and some were able to sell in the morning and others were able to sell in the afternoon.  I think the scouts did a pretty good effort considering. They might have been in with a better chance if they hadn’t actually gone and spent some of their earnings in afternoon though! I think they learnt that lesson when they realised there was a prize – maybe?????

The evening entertainment this evening was a Talent Quest type activity and was very interesting. Certainly, the scouts who got up had a great time and were very game. Some of them can certainly preform.