Sunday, July 26, 2015

National Tree PLanting Day with Friends of Pledger Wetlands

Today was national Tree Planting Day, so Akela arranged for the Cubs to do a joint activity with the Friends of Pledger Wetlands to join in their tree planting activity. Friends of Pledger Wetlands do a environmental activity on the last Sunday of each month (except December) and this was the second activity we had done with them this year. This activity, not only were Mawson Lakes Cub Pack represented, but also the Mawson Lakes Girl Guides, and the tree planting of 350 trees got planted quicker than the time allowed.

 The rain held off on the day, but we are now just hoping for rain in the days that follow so that the trees have a chance to really get a decent start.

The Cubs who attended seem to have a great time, so we are hoping to be able to take part in more activities with Friends of Pledger Wetlands.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A day exploring

Today was another wet and windy day at Victor Harbor. We still managed to get out for a little while during the day though.

After lunch and some driving round (certainly not walking in this weather) it was time to head home. While we were only gone a few days, it was just good to be able to get away for a few days.  We even found a really cool looking toilet in one of the national parks we visited! Photos below

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trip to Victor Day One

Today, Akela and I were awoken early, to catch the sight of an early morning sunrise at Victor Harbor. The last few days, the weather has been really bad and we haven’t seen much sun (it’s called winter and the last few weeks we have had some really wet weather).  Although we have only been in Victor since the late Monday.

Once we had gotten organized, had breakfast, and showered, we eventually went out and had a bit of a drive around. We spent some time in Goolwa, and had lunch at a small cafe near the bridge to Hidmarsh Island. A visit to the library and the borrowing of books for Akela’s nephew and niece was a wise move given the weather went down hill a bit in the late afternoon and we needed something to occupy them with. Once in bed, it was good to have a book to read and listen to the rain on the roof