Sunday, June 30, 2013

Walking Mapies and exploring Woodhouse

Today, there was a slow start to the day. Akela was up early, as she always is on Camp. However, she was able to get hot water in the shower today, which was a definite bonus.

 After breakfast, it was time to head out for a walk around Woodhouse and look for some answers that Akela had from a activity in 1996. Some of them weren’t valid anymore (there is no telephone in the phone booth next to the Trading Post for instant. The walk up Cardiac Hill was a challenge and certainly the Joeys were surprised at how much effort was needed to get to the top of the hill. But the view was worth it, as was listening to Akela explain different bits and pieces.

 Back at camp, it was time to start packing up, and watching of the Kookaburra and Magpies walk around the campsite. The magpies decided to check out Akela’s tent and went for a walk through, but the amazement of everyone watching them.

 All too soon, it was to head home. But we hope everyone had a good time and we are hoping Akela will be able to arrange another camp for the Joeys soon. But maybe we need to increase the numbers of the Joey Mob first.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

What a full day of walking, and Challenge Hill

It was heaps cold here at Woodhouse. There was frost on the grass and it steamed as the sun came up over the trees. It was good to be able to sit there and watch while having a hot drink. Just a pity Akela couldn’t get any hot water in the showers this morning! So needless to say, the shower this morning got missed. Good thing she has deodorant!

 Once everyone had arrived, and tents had been set up, it was time to make lunch and get them into the day packs. The plan – to walk the Hysen Trail to Arbury Park and have lunch there. The walk counted towards the Nature Play badge that has just recently become available for Joeys to earn. While on the trail at different parts, the joeys were asked to stop and listen, to explain what they could hear. It was also about this time that the adults were trying to convince the Joeys that Drop Bears live in the trees they were walking under. We’re not sure they were convinced. Except when maybe Akela pointed out to Koala poo and told them it was Drop Bear Poo they gave it a bit of serious thought.

 After lunch was eaten, and the Joeys had run around the park and explored around the lake areas, we headed back to Woodhouse. It was definitely a nice day for a walk and a great day to take in the surrounds.

 Back at Woodhouse, it was time to get in touch with the On Duty Warden and have a safety talk about Challenge Hill (even if Akela wants to call it the Comando Course). The Joeys did VERY well and attempted every piece on Challenge Hill.

 On the way back to the Lones Hut, it was time to pick up pieces of wood for the campfire. There was certainly a lot laying around to use and everyone carried what they could back to the campfire area. It was important to have a lot of hot coals to cook tea as it was being cooked on the campfire pit. Well, the main course was – dessert was being cooked in the oven in the Lones Hut (apple pie). The tea turned out very well (sausages and veg) and the parents were surprised that the meal worked and that it even tasted good.

 After tea, it was time to simply sit around the camp fire and enjoy them warmth. It was kind of hard to do any singing with only two Joeys. However, they were quite happy to watch the flames and poke the wood before being sent to bed. A defiantly warmer place to be.

Friday, June 28, 2013

What a Cold Night!

Well, guess what? I’m camping again! AND it’s at Woodhouse – AGAIN!

 The biggest difference is this time Akela and I are camping with the Joey Mob at the Lones Hut. We’ve come up Friday Night, so that we’re ready for the Joeys and their parents to arrive on Saturday Morning.

 The only issue is it is sooooo cold. Akela has put two pairs of socks on tonight for bed, so she can be sure her feet are warm. Part of the reason it is so cold is because there is no cloud cover tonight. So the hot air has gone (wish it could have stayed!). Looks like Akela and I will be having to share the same sleeping bag to keep warm tonight.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Myron Wood's RSPCA Cupcake Fundraiser

A friend of Akela’s is having a fundraiser for the RSPCA Cupcake day on the 19th August 2013.

For several years, Myron has been the top fundraiser for the event in NSW. While he has pulled back on his fundraising efforts this year (including at the size of this event), he is still contributing in his own way.

It is with this in mind, that Akela and I are encouraging you to support Myron in his efforts as he has his own health issues. Despite these health issues, he is still promoting awareness of others above self as he and his mum believe that they are re-paying the kindness shown to them over the years.

So please, if you can donate, do so. It doesn’t even have to be a huge amount, even $5 dollars will help and when added to other people’s small donations, do in fact add up.

Myron’s Cupcake Fundraiser link can be found here -Myron Wood's RSPCA Cupcake Fundraiser

For those who would like to know more about Myron, more can be found about him on this facebook page The Magic of Myron

Thanking you all in advance

Friday, June 21, 2013

Micky Mawson

Micky Mawson is a small monkey that Akela bought. She had a idea to send a small toy on a adventure around the world. However, she couldn't find easily, a spare sheep to go. So Micky was convinced it was a great idea.

Micky 1st went to Far North Queensland, to visit some scouts there, and is now currently on his way to Canada. It is hoped he gets there in time for the Canadian Jamboree.

He is traveling light, as a good scout would, with just a USB for adding of photos as he goes on his travels. As Akela and I get up dates of his travels, we will be adding them here to share with people.

Just so everyone knows what he looks like, this is a picture Akela took before he headed off on his adventures.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday at Seahaven Camp

Today was a little slower than yesterday. Everyone, including Akela slept in a bit (Akela until 7am – on a camp for her, that is definitely a sleep in!!!!).  

After breakfast, the cubs and 3 of the leaders walked to the local playground. It was a bit of a walk, but certainly a very nice day for it. The sun was shining, people were out walking with their families (and in some cases their dogs) or riding their push bikes. As a result, Akela and Raksha were talking of doing a day activity of getting the Cubs with their bikes and going for a bike ride as a day activity. Certainly an idea that the Cubs listening in seem to really really like!

 We had taken morning tea to the playground and the cubs had a great time playing on the playground. Even Charli and I got a play on some of the swings!

 It wasn’t long before we had to head back to Seahaven and start lunch before packing up the personal gear. That is always an interesting exercise on camp and today is no different. But with the exception of a sleeping bag and a camera, everything else went home with someone! We’re impressed….

 After the Cubs personal gear was packed, it was time for lunch, to do some cleaning before the parents started arriving to collect them.

 Overall, it was a good camp and a enjoyable weekend away. I hope the Cubs enjoyed their camp and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next one.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Seahaven Cub Camp - Saturday's Adventures

Today every was up bright and early. After breakfast, the cubs had to get their day packs, with their water bottles and lunch boxes and make their own sandwiches for lunch.

It was a short walk to the Outer Harbour train station, where the cubs boarded the awaiting train. That was certainly not something they were expecting, to have the train waiting for them when they arrived. However, it was a bonus as it meant we didn’t have to worry about them running around the station while waiting for the train to turn up!

 All too soon it was time to alight in Port Adelaide, and time for Akela Sarah to retrieve her phone! She had left it at home. However, Akela Alan kindly brought it down to Port Adelaide for her and this certainly made life a lot easier for her.

 After a walk around Port Adelaide looking at some of the historic buildings and locations, we headed to the Train Museum  National Rail Museum - South Australia  where the cubs spent a hour wandering the site. They also did some worksheets, which counted towards their “Local History’ special interest badge. There was even a special ride on a small train.

 After lunch, we headed down to the Maritime Museum, Maritime Museum - South Australia  which was at the other end of the street. We spent another few hours here. But one thing that caught the attention of the Cubs was the Yarn bombing of several items in the street. Several photos were taken and Cubs were scratching their heads as to why people would do this.

It wasn’t long before the Cubs were heading back to the train station to catch the train back to camp. The route back to the train station was the long scenic route (meaning the back streets!) to try and use the cubs’ energy!

 Back at Camp, there was some free time before tea, a chance for the Cubs to just hang out and relax. It also meant Akela had to get her feet wet by retrieving the ball from the water at the end of the ramp. The Cubs had somehow sent the ball flying over the fence. They even had a chance to watch a movie if they wished (only one did watch it)

 After main course of tea was served, and eaten and washed up, it was time for another one of Akela’s famous walks around the block. This takes about a hour to walk and one reason Akela gets to do it is to try and get the energy levels down a little. But after not getting a great deal of sleep on the 1st night of camp, this is very rarely a problem.

 Back at camp, it was time for Supper. This in reality was dessert, which Bagheera heated while everyone was out on the walk (he couldn’t come because of his sore knee). It was sure nice to come back to warm apple or apricot pie with custard. When served up with warm milo, it was even better! I am sure there were some who would be wondering how to get their parents to feed them like this when they are at home.

Not long after, all the cubs were in bed, and asleep, for which I was thankful. It meant Akela and I could actually be in bed before midnight! Definitely appreciated all round!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Seahaven Camp Friday Night

Today was busy as Akela and I went food shopping for Cub Camp. It was the usual hectic rush around to ensure the right amount of food was bought. Akela did really well to get it done as she had to shop for a vegetarian as well as someone who needs a gluten free diet. But there is certainly no way that anyone will be going hungry on the weekend!

We arrived at Seahaven where we were able to unload the food and sort it into the fridges before the Cubs started arriving from 7pm (even though the forms said 7:30pm). Once we had ensured everyone was accounted for, the cubs and leaders went out for a walk around the local area. We had to leave Bagheera, the leader, behind. He has an injured knee and couldn’t walk long distances. It was certainly a walk worth doing as it took an hour. But it was more to try and get some of the cubs excess excitement out before trying to settle for bed.  

 The cubs eventually went to bed and finally got to sleep around midnight. Once this was done, the leaders were finally able to head to bed themselves, after making sure alarms were set for the morning.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Packing for Camp

Well, it is certainly a full evening ahead. Akela and I are starting to pack for camp.

This afternoon, we did some photocopying of activities that the Cubs will be doing while visiting some museums local to the camp site.

We will be packing Akela's personal gear tonight, and making sure we have some other odds and ends are in order to be taken.

Tomorrow, we then have to do the food shopping and get to the campsite.

I will be providing a update of the camp once we get home on Sunday afternoon. I KNOW the cubs will have a great tie. It is a pity so few of them are attending, but we are in for a great time.

Monday, June 10, 2013

5th West Vancover Scouts

Hi all

Well, just a short note to say hi and that things are well under way for camp next week. Akela is just making sure she has the right files ready to print and the information done. We’re sure the cubs are getting excited by it all as well.

While having a ‘mini break’ Akela found the following page 5th West Vancouver Scouts
  and we thought we would share it with you all. It certainly is a different way of scouting we do in South Australia. The biggest different is that they get to do scouting stuff in the SNOW. Akela’s been lucky enough to have seen snow, but not Wilbur. I hope when Micky gets to Canada, he gets to see snow. There is a very real possibility he will get a white Christmas. That is such a exciting thought.

Anyhow, we digress. We thought we would share this link with you all and hope you pop over and say hi to them.

Hope you all have had a good long weekend.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Finding Squatchyman at Canadian Jamboree 2013

I recently came across a blog called Finding Squatchyman

It is a Canadian blog and as per their summary "CJ3 is fast approaching and Troop 110, the "1st Lacombe Squatchymen" are looking forward to you coming to find them at Camp Woods. Enter your email under "Follow US" to receive clues as to where to find us and come and meet "Squatchy". See you in July!"

While Akela and I cant be at the Canadian Jamboree, we are certainly going to be following this blog and the adventures that follow. I think it's going to be really interesting to see how they go at the Jamboree!

So, I would urge you to head over and have a read of their blog and keep a eye on it in the lead up to the Canadian Jamboree

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cubs and Joeys visit Art Gallery of South Australia

Well, today was certainly a great day. Today, Cubs from both Playford and Mawson Lakes Packs, headed into town and participated in some activities for their Art and Design Badge – Level One. They were also joined by two Joeys from Mawson Lakes, one of whom is working on his Joey to Cub Link badge.

The activities were apart of the “START at the Gallery offers an exciting introduction to visual art for children and families. Held on the first Sunday of every month, START is free and includes art activities, tours, live music and entertainment” ( )

We also had three parents join us for the day and their help on the day was greatly appreciated.

Some of the activities that the Cubs and Joeys did while at the art gallery include printing with a block and colouring it, attending a children’s tour and also did a portrait which several cubs entered into the art competition.

All to soon it was time for lunch before heading back to the train station for the trip home. It was a good day out and we think the cubs and joeys enjoyed the day.