Sunday, November 20, 2011

SA Cuboree - last day

Today was the last day of camp. While we weren’t up as early yesterday, it was still another early start

This morning saw us complete three activity bases before lunch. They were certainly interesting and he cubs had a lot more fun today.

However, the activity bases were over way to quickly and the cubs had their last meal together before heading to the closing.

Tents were dismantled, farewells made and lots of tired cubs were collected by their parents. Many were looking forward to a hot shower and their own beds, but they were certainly glad they had been and had a great time with the many activities on offer. 

SA Cuboree - Saturday

An early start was in order today. All were up early for a early breakfast and to be ready to get to the opening on time. Once that was done, it was time to head to the first activity for all. Ours were lucky to score Rock climbing for the first base.

We did have one home sick cub in the morning, but a bit of TLC and diversion from Wilbur was enough to see her recover to go back to the activities and enjoy the rest of the weekend (she was glad she didn’t go home at the end of the weekend as she had such a good time)

 Lunch was enjoyable and the wraps were delicious. All were enjoyed by the cubs a great deal.

Activities after lunch included the two wet activities. It was just a pity that it had started to cool down. But a warm shower and tea soon saw the cubs back on track and ready for the evening entertainment.

The cubs were soon in bed and asleep a lot quicker tonight than they were last night. Pity Akela wasn’t and she didn’t get to bed before midnight again. But it was certainly a much needed sleep for her when she got there (and Wilbur as well!!!)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cuboree - day of setting up

Today was warm, but a lot of work took place to ensure the site was set up before the onslaught of cubs arrived on site. Tents were put up after campsites were laid out and boundaries were established.

The Cubs started to arrive late afternoon and were very excited to be on site. Energy levels were high. Long energetic walks around Woodhouse were done to try and take some of the edge of the energy levels.

All were in bed, but sleep was a long time coming. Although, none of the Mawson Lakes Cubs heard the claps of thunder that went off directly overhead at just gone midnight (Akela was returning from a much needed shower at the time). It was certainly something to hear and experience, especially as it echoed throughout the hills.

Overall the day went well. Here’s hoping for a good weekend.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Arrival on site for cuboree

Today Wilbur and Akela headed to Woodhouse for the Cuboree. It was gone six by the time we left home, after a long day of doing the food shopping.

We arrived at Woodhouse and sorted the food. The cubs weren’t due on sight until Friday evening, but Akela needed to be up there early to help set up the tents, and other bits and pieces.

 But it was a good chance to relax before the onslaught of 1,300 Cubs on site.

Shopping for Cuboree

What a day! Akela and I have been all over the place buying food for Cuboree. It is going to be a huge weekend and I am sure that all the Cubs will certainly be well fed. This was a HUGE shopping expedition! I am certainly looking forward to going up to Camp this evening.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SA Cuboree

This weekend, is Cuboree - and Wilbur is definately looking forward to going. Very interested in attending another Cuboree, as it will be the second one for the year.

Will provide a up date at the end of the weekend. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Gallery Trip with Mawson Lakes Joey Mob

On Sunday 6th November, Akela and I went with the Joeys into Adelaide, so we could do some activities at the Adelaide Art Gallery.

We met at Mawson Lakes Interchange at 10:45am and caught the 11:02 train into town. From there, we headed along North Terrace to the Art Gallery. As we walked along North Terrace, one of the Joeys noticed the white crosses and red poppies in preparation for Remembrance Day on Friday.  

 We had a few minutes early, but that was a good chance to get ready for the 1st activity.

The first activity we did was the talk of the pictures hanging in the art gallery. It was aimed at the Joey’s age group and the lady was very good and held the children’s attention. While this was happening, we also had another lady come around and provide the Joeys with a chance to take part in a Muppet skit. It was quite good and the Joeys really enjoyed playing with the Muppets.

From there, the Joeys went into the art activity and made wall hangings. Some of them were very well done and the Joeys were very happy to take them home.

From there, the Joeys had lunch and a visit around the Museum next door to the Art Gallery. Once that was done, it was time to head home. The Joeys certainly had a good day, as did the parents. It is certainly something that the Joey Mob will be doing something again.