Monday, December 31, 2012

Beach Visit

Today, we took Mischief to Semaphore to visit a South Australian Beach. Last night, while Mischief and I were sleeping, Akela was busy getting a picnic lunch organised. We were joined by Akela’s husband, a friend and Ella, Akela’s dog (who Mischief discovered, really, really, really loves the beach and going swimming!)

It was an enjoyable day and it was certainly good to be able to see what an Adelaide beach looked like as well. Akela certainly got some weird looks as she was taking photos of us, but these things happen. I guess she must be use to it by now!

Soon, it was time to head home and allow Akela to do some clothes washing. She was getting ready to pack for the Jamboree and we are due to be at the Scout Hall at 3am. It is certainly a early time to be anywhere on New Years Day and especially as most people will be heading home after a night of celebration. Guess it will be a early night for us, to ensure we get the sleep we need!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some of Adelaide's sights

Today, we headed back into town as we had spent the night away from home. Akela took us with her parents to get their new car. So we spent some time sitting in a car dealership. On the flip side though, they were happy to take both myself and Mischief to the local monument. It was set up in the 1980s (so, kind of newish) and was in recognition some year of peace. The information is on the photos as Akela made sure she got the information in photos for those who will be getting Mischief after us. The photos are going to be put on Mischief’s usb that is travelling around with him.

 From here, we went home with Akela, but not before getting some photos of us looking at some art that has been placed on buildings around Adelaide. We think the art looked really good, so couldn’t miss the opportunity to get some shots of it.

It has certainly been a tiring two days already and we are certainly looking forward to getting some sleep. Akela’s explained we are going to be leaving really early for the Jamboree. So a few early nights are not going to go astray!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mischeif's arrival

Today, Mischief arrived. It was certainly a great pleasure to meet him. We had our photo taken with him and started to fill him in on what to expect.

 This afternoon, Akela and I took Mischief into town on our way out to tea. We stopped in Victoria Square, and had photos taken of the big Christmas tree that goes up every year. From her, we jumped on a tram and headed out to the Christmas Display that is put on near the West End Brewery each year. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for it to be light up as it is each night, but the photos we got will definitely give an indication of what is on display.

 From here, we went out to tea with Akela. It was a really enjoyable evening and we were certainly well fed! It was a long day/night and we are certainly glad to be getting into bed for a well earned sleep.