Saturday, June 18, 2016

This morning was a bit of an early and cool start to the day. The Cubs were up and ready early, which is quite normal for camp!

 Today on the program, they covered practical skills (Flag rolling and breaking, Running a game, care of Uniform – this was run by our very own Akela, and Grand Howl). They also looked at – What is a Sixer / Second, What makes a Good Sixer / Second, and the promise and law...

 In the afternoon, Working together looked at Circle Game (again, run by Akela and it certainly got the cubs thinking), Problem solving, and we wrapped the day up with a heap of skits and songs, which the cubs all enjoyed and worked really hard on.

 The weather was also reasonable and certainly didn’t rain when we needed to be outside.

It was certainly a full on day and the cubs were really glad to retire to bed, while the leaders had a much needed break.

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