Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cub Camp at Lones Hut Sunday

Today was a late start to the day, due to everyone sleeping in. This often happens on Akela’s camps and Akela generally mentally plans for the pack sleeping in later than the 1st day.
The weather was really windy and it had rained a bit overnight, but everyone was dry due.

Once everyone’s bedding and personal gear was packed away and breakfast was eaten, it was time to get moving with some morning activities. The pack found a cache this morning, and Akela is glad as it counts towards the BC Challenge of finding 100 caches as a pack. Given there were 5 cubs, times 1 cache, that is 5 caches (as these are collective, not 100 per person). Akela just needs to make a note of it for her records. Thankfully she got a photo of it!

The pack also found the oak tree in their travels this morning and it there are not many in South Australia – there are 2 others known to be in the State. One each in Belair and the Botanical Gardens in the city.

It wasn’t long before it was time to deal with lunch, packing and cleaning of the Lones Hut. Parents started to arrive and cars packed. The extra hands helped keep the cubs focused as the cleaning and packing up got dealt with. All too soon, everyone was on their way home and we are hoping everyone had a great time and that they are looking forward to their next camp.


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